Dear Customers,
At the Landmark Group, we are always thinking of new ways to deliver superior shopping experiences for you. By superior, we mean better in every way, so think simpler, more useful, more user-friendly and more delightful.
With these aspirations in mind, and after 4 years of building as your destination to shop Home Centre, Babyshop, Max, Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle, Home Box and Centrepoint, we have decided to let you shop online directly from these leading brands:.
Shop our brands
Shopping multiple brands in a single online experience has always been a key and convenient reason to shop with us, which is why you can continue to enjoy a single checkout experience across all our participating brands with just one account.
If you already have a LandmarkShops account, you’re all set. Your account details, order history, preferences and more stay the same. Just login to any of our new brand sites with your existing username and password and shop away.
Any pending orders on LandmarkShops will be fulfilled as promised. Learn more about these changes from here.
So go forth and explore your favourite brand sites! Download their apps from the App Store and Google Play Stores and enjoy shopping on-the-go.
Happy shopping,
Savitar Jagtiani,
Business Head - E-commerce,
Landmark Group